Lucy’s Sweets produces fresh and healthy baked goods. We use only nutritional ingredients, with low sugar, low fat content and NO hydrogenated shortening in our breads and pastries. Other than the traditional butter cream cakes, we also have avialable cakes with light cream icing, which are made in a unique way to make them soft and moist.Up on requests we could also make cakes with rice flour for those that are wheat-sensitive. Also no nuts are used as ingredients in our bakings.
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     We operateHazeldean Bakery, where home-style, fresh daily baking is prepared for you. Come in and browse a selection of hand-shaped artisan breads, white and whole wheat sandwich loaves, hamburger and hotdog buns, German buns, pan baked loaves (Dutch, banana, fruit roll, cinnamon or poppyseed), cinnamon buns and poppyseed twists. Pick up a pocketful of delicious cookies, pack a box of nourishing muffins or take home some fresh fruit pies.
   Once you come to our bakery, we know you would come back again, because our daily fresh products are of superior quality, with healthier ingredients, better nutritional value, and all at a competitive price. We are looking forward to see you here soon! 
     For breakfast to start your day, drop in for a steaming mug of freshly roasted coffee with some warm donuts or apple fritters! Let us warm your heart for the whole day!     Creative cake decorating is our specialty. Celebrate your special event with a one-of-a-kind cake! It could be a birthday, anniversary, or wedding! – challenge us to create your unique expression of love or greeting for your friends and family! 
Visit us at:Hazeldean Bakery9627-66Ave. NWEdmonton, ABT6E 0M2TEL: (780)
Hours of Operation:Mondays to Saturdays9:00am to 6:00pm Closed Sundays and holidays
Orders:Order by phone,email(please include your name, phone number, date required, and any comments or requirments) or in person.Three day's notice is preferred. We look forward to serve you soon! 
Welcome to Our Bakery!